Laniarius is the magazine of BirdLife Northern Gauteng / Gauteng-Noord.  The views expressed are those of members of the club and are a source of information about birding-related activities and sightings, and news about birdwatching in the Greater Gauteng region as well as accounts of birding trips and events from further afield.

Contributions are invited from members in English or Afrikaans on matters relating to all aspects of birdwatching, particularly in the Northern Gauteng area.  This can include items on bird sightings, news, views, events, projects and the like. Photographs are often used to illustrate articles.

Laniarius is published three times annually.  Deadlines for contributions are 1 March, 1 July, and 1 November.  Articles should preferably be e-mailed to the Editor, but may also be posted to the club post box.  Contributions and advertisements are accepted at the discretion of the Editor.  Digital photographic images are always welcome.

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The Laniarius is a magazine exclusively available to paid up club members.