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BirdLife Northern Gauteng is a home for all birders, no matter their age or acumen. We pride ourselves on being active on a bi-weekly basis in the field. We have monthly club meetings where we become better informed on matters relating to birding. We invite lecturers on a bi-annual basis to teach on specific topics that relate to bird identification. We enjoy monthly camps to birder-exciting destinations. We have an active Facebook presence and also remind our members via BLNG Alerts of all our upcoming activities and events. We publish a BLNG magazine, Laniarius, with articles by our club members on their birding life. We have a legal presence by way of our BLNG Constitution. We are actively involved in bird atlassing, bird conservation and fund raising for conservation. BLNG is simply the perfect birders' club for you!

Birdlife Northern Gauteng is affiliated to Birdlife South Africa Agreement and is registered with SARS as Recreational Club and are therefore tax exempt entity.

BLNG History

In October 1949 a Northern Transvaal branch of the South African Ornithological Society was founded in Pretoria. It was named the Pretoria Bird Club. In 1960 the name was changed to the Northern Transvaal Wild Bird Society but unfortunately this only survived for four years and in 1964 it was affiliated with the Witwatersrand Bird Club. Some outings of this club were in and around Pretoria. During this period no records were kept.

1970 saw the founding of a new branch of the South African Ornithological Society in Pretoria. It was called the Northern Transvaal Ornithological Society (NTOS) and newsletters were regularly circulated.

In 1975 the newsletter was officially named the “Laniarius” and the logo of a Crimson-breasted Shrike (Laniarius being part of its scientific name) was adopted. August 1980 saw the publication of a special 10 year commemorative edition.  September 1987 heralded the fusion of the logo and the name of the club. The Laniarius now had a front page in full colour and an A5 size was opted for. This publication of which we are exceptionally proud of has continued to be issued to members to date.

The NTOS was renamed the Pretoria Bird Club in March 1997 and then in June 2004 it was changed to BirdLife Northern Gauteng (BLNG). This last change was in tandem with our mother organisation changing its name from the South African Ornithological Society to BirdLife South Africa (BLSA).

The summer Laniarius edition of 2012 celebrated the 60 year anniversary of the club. The summer 2016 edition of the Laniarius was digitally distributed for the first time.

We are currently the second largest bird club affiliated to BLSA in terms of paid up membership, currently in the order of 400 ordinary members and another 200 family members.

Members of the committee:

Andre' Marx President
Elouise Kalmer Chairperson
Pieter Heslinga Treasurer
Rita de Meillon Club Secretary
Sheleph Burger Programme: Activities/Special Events
Michelle van Niekerk Programme: Evening Meetings and Courses
Philip Calinikos Conservation
Tamsyn Sherwill Laniarius
Frik du Plooy Bird Ringers
Riana & Stoffel Botha Trading
Ernst Retief SABAP2 Atlas Co-ordinator

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BirdLife Northern Gauteng/Gauteng-Noord
Nedbank, Hatfield

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